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I'm Josep Bautista, turistologist expert in Japan and photographer, and this is the journey that took me here.

Born in Barcelona, raised in trilingual education in Catalan, Spanish, and English. Graduated from college in Tourism Management, specialized as travel and tour leader, and obtained a Master’s Degree in Travel Journalism. During the college years, lived in Finland, Catalunya, and Japan. Country that would become a second home between 2012 to 2021, where he continued developing his career as tour leader and studied fashion photography whilst working in tourism, assistant in commercial-fashion studio and events as photographer, such as Summersonic’19.  In 2021, moved back to establish his work in Barcelona, to establish as a photographer and content creator.

  • Travel, commercial and fashion photographer 

  • Travel consultant, helping to create and design itineraries for travel agencies and tours in Japan, like Artisal Travel photography.

  • Published his first travel book in 2018, 3 ways to Mount Fuji. A light travel novel and guide book to Japan (only in Spanish).

  • Creator of the travel blog Hype in Tokyo, home for all travel articles from Japan, tips and life in Japan as an expat, 

  • Graduated in Tourism management (2011) and Master's degree in travel Journalism (2015)

  • Graduated in Fashion Photography at Tokyo Visual Arts (2020) and master’s degree in Fashion and commercial photography (2022)


  • Instagram - Negro Círculo
  • YouTube - Círculo Negro
  • Facebook - Círculo Negro
  • Twitter - Círculo Negro
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn

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