Show must go on in 2021

Updated: Feb 14

2020 was unexpected for everyone. We couldn’t predict what was gonna happen, and most of our plans were broken. For me, it didn’t change that much of how I had planned the year, but the last quarter of 2020 went out of control. The whole pandemic situation made me realize that my 5 year photography and freelancing plan in Japan was coming to an end on the 3rd year. So I need a new plan.

2021 started on a lockdown due to the rise of covid19 cases all over Tokyo, that also affected me, and on the second week we went to a state of emergency again. It was time to make the decision I had been postponing for the past few months, considering the situation and living as a foreigner in Japan. I’m going back home. I have nothing that ties me to Japan. Trying to open my way as a freelance in Japan it was I knew it, and it was all going kind of good until 2020. For a country that just keeps making it more and more difficult for foreigner creators and freelancers, the pandemic was the last thing I needed. I might come back for projects or travel, but living in Japan has become a struggle to just survive at the end of every month.

But enough talking about Japan, I’m here to tell you how it’s going to be this 2021. And the answer is, I don’t really know. We have to adapt, and survive, as every month the situation can change. And it’s not about just having a single plan, but more about searching for different ways towards the goals we want. If one path closes, we have to be ready to jump to the next path. And that’s how’s it going to be for me, as going back home will be safer, it also will be a new struggle. To create and make my way as a freelancer. I’ll keep creating videos for Youtube, creating more contents and searching new ways and opportuinities to work, working on new projects and ideas, and sharing my journey with all of you. And that journey will evolve and change. For now, I’m going to try to enjoy the best I can my last month in Tokyo. Stay safe.


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